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As a craftsmen who operates a small business, the fine woodworking that I do is what is most important to me. Carrying the torch by keeping traditional crafts alive and building beautiful things with subtle art is why I do what I do. And I hope that the people who pay for my work have their lives enriched by it.


In the simplest terms, hewing is the process of making a round log flat. Axes are used to remove the extra wood and smooth the surface of the log. At the end of this process, you end up with a flat log at a desired thickness with two natural edges. These hewn logs become the walls of the cabin. As a passionate craftsman, I remain an advocate of the aesthetic qualities that are achievable only through skilled hand hewing done with an axe. 


   Hand hewn log cabins are phenomenal because each one possesses an original personality and exudes character. They are warm and fill you with a connection to our history and to nature. The hewn texture and natural edge of each log creates a look and feel that cannot be found in any other building style. Creating an authentic hand hewn log cabin requires a great deal of strength, control, and experience, which is why there is no comparison to the hand hewn quality.  Cabins can range in size and layout according to the owner's liking, but every final design will be a custom creation. There will never be another hand hewn cabin built that matches your own. 

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