San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site

The Villa de Austin Townsite Interpretive area seeks to evoke the look and feel of a sample of the village to give visitors—particularly school, scout and youth groups—a hands-on learning experience. Based on archival and archeological evidence and precedent historic architecture from similar eras and areas, staff architects from the Texas Historical Commission have drawn a plan for four log and two frame structures that represent the appearance of one town lot in about 1830.

This was a very large job on a tight schedule.  So while I would have loved to build all of these buildings the customer contracted with several log and timber builders from different arias in the country. I was very happy to build the Farmers Hotel and The Kitchen. Both of these buildings were hand hewn inside and out. The Farmers Hotel had half dovetail notches, and The Kitchen had V-notches.

The Crew at Work

Thank you Tim, Ruven, Clayton, Mike, and Mac for all the hard work you did with me to make this project happen.

To see larger videos files and more videos go to my Video page.


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