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"Log cabins and log homes are my passion. I build using live edge logs, traditional log notches, and architecture, with modern comforts and energy efficiently in mind. I was taught to build American style log cabins by a group of men who carried on the craft through the 20th century when it was in danger of being lost. I am a part of a linage of men and women who loved the beauty of log cabins and the appreciation of mixing history into out modern world. We build homes that fill you with the warm feeling of being connected with our history and nature. This style log home make great primary homes in the woods, hunting lodges, or lake homes. As a log home builder nothing brings me more joy than using a mix of chain saws and hand tools to cut large dovetails, that ends with a building that will last through the next two centuries."  Owner - Dan Aruta


Pinecraft Log Homes is based in Oley Pennsylvania but travels all over the country building log homes


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